Alan James & Jo Wilkinson

James & Wilkinson Media
Founders & Directors

Alan James - Founder & Director
Alan (left) has more than 30 years of experience in media, encompassing the advertising agency world at WPP, the broadcasting world at the BBC and currently as co-founder of James & Wilkinson Media. JWM work with broadcasters, both linear and VOD, around the globe to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their on-air marketing. Promotional strategy, training, business transformation and audience maximization through manipulation of break structure are just some of the ways that JWM achieve client goals. Alan is a prominent speaker on the international broadcast marketing conference scene.


Jo Wilkinson - Founder & Director
Jo (right) has worked for the BBC, Sky, Red Bee Media and Havas advertising group across her 20-year media career. Since co-founding JWM 5 years ago, her focus has been on working with broadcasters across the globe to enable them to maximize the power of their owned media space to drive audiences to consume content and engage with broadcaster brands. Marketing planning, promotional strategy, training, cross platform integration and break optimization are just some of the ways JWM achieve this.



The Fundamentals of On-Air Media Planning Terminology and Implementation

The Aim

The aim of this training will be to equip your team with the tools, knowledge and understanding of Media Planning terminology and analyses that are essential for effective campaign planning and its implementation. The training will focus on how these can be used in their everyday roles in order for them to be able to more confidently & effectively manage the promotion across your media portfolio and in dealing with their internal stakeholders.

How do we achieve this?

This one day practical training workshop will include the following:

  • Presentation & discussion of the meaning, interpretation and calculation of the   complete range of planning and broadcast terminology and analyses.
  • The working through of practical examples that they should use in their everyday planning – both individually and together as a group.
  • The building of their own detailed media laydown to utilise their workshop learning
  • A role-play where delegates present their media laydown to stakeholders in order to give them confidence when publically talking about complex terminology.

We encourage debate and questions throughout the day – the aim is for your team to come away with a robust understanding of how to use these tools to support the planning and promotional activity that they are responsible for.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is aimed at junior or assistant media planners who wish to better acquaint themselves with the language of media planning and who wish to improve their skills in developing media plans and their optimal implementation. Presentation planners who wish to be better informed of audience focused media planning would also benefit from attending as would junior marketers unfamiliar with media planning terminology and its application.

Marketing and Media Planning Strategy Workshop Achieving Effective Promotional Activities

The Aim

Many broadcast teams are often focused on the implementation of multiple on-air campaigns without recognising the role for a portfolio focused & integrated promotional strategy & the impact their decisions have on this.

This workshop addresses staff from a wide range of areas within the broadcast arena, which input into the selection or moulding of broadcast marketing activity with a focus on how best to use the critical but often under-valued ‘owned’ promotional resource.

This workshop will enable staff to strategically make more effective and efficient use of their biggest marketing resource in order to help better achieve the business objectives of their organisation as a whole.

How will we achieve this?

This one day practical training workshop will include the following:

  • The formulation of marketing objectives, which are unique and appropriate to broadcast and importantly, business needs.
  • How to better understand the role that the marketing of each of your content and services plays in shaping the perception and success of your organisation.
  • The creation of a prioritisation process and model that is built upon robust criteria by category to ensure effective promotional usage.
  • A discussion and view of the changing world of broadcast media, its challenges, opportunities and what broadcasters need to do to adapt.

Each of the above will be achieved through both presentational and practical working sessions. We encourage debate and questions throughout the day – the aim is to provide strategic tools and models that can be used back in the office to set or shape on-air promotional strategy, resource allocation and campaign implementation.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is aimed at anyone who may be involved in on-air marketing process but with specific focus towards media planners and managers who are looking to move away from the more implementation elements of the on-air role. The day is also highly relevant to staff from the marketing, creative community as well as channel management.


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