Tarun Tripathi

The Viral Fever
Head of Solutions & Awareness

Over the last 15 years, Tarun has been one of the key players in representing content across the Indian Media Landscape. From Films to music, from Standup to digital webseries, Tarun has been at the vanguard of he evolving media landscape.

Throughout his career, Tarun is proud to have been part of some industry redefining projects in the branded content space – From Times of India and Humtum in Cinema, The Dewarists on Television, Kaan Khajura Tesan on Mobile and TVF’s Tripling in Digital, he has continuously demonstrated innovation that has been recognized on the Global Stage.

As marketing head of Yash Raj Films, Tarun ushered in the new era of movie marketing in india, with some seminal case studies in Movie marketing such as Hum Tum, Dhoom and Bunty aur Babli in his portfolio.

As Head of marketing and content of Myspace India, Tarun was uniquely poised to light the fuse on the still nascent indie music and standup scene in India. He was also uniquely poised to watch a global behemoth implode, but the less said about that the better.

As the Business Head of PHD’s Unilever business, Tarun continued his journey into the Digital Media space, helping India’s Largest advertiser grow its digital footprint by 500% over 2 years.

As Head of Solutions and Awareness at TVF, Tarun continues to do what he loves – to represent awesome ideas to awesome brands to create brand love and communicate soul at scale.

Tarun loves science fiction, dogs and pizza. He has a mild fear of cows, and he doesn’t know why.



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